Top 10 Social Media Influencers


Social media influencers have a large following on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The level of influence of some individuals matches that of other media channels. How persuasive are individuals on social media? There are metrics to measure the audience and level of influence on social media. It is used by companies and individuals to understand the scale and spread of their addressees. The following are the top 10 social media influencers according to Flock Marketing as at February 2015:

1. Guy Kawasaki

Kawasaki is a Silicon Valley marketing executive who is 60 years old. He was a founding employee at Apple and helped to market Macintosh. He is married and has two children. He studied at the University of California and has about 7 million Twitter followers.

2. Robert Scoble

Robert was a technology marketer at Microsoft. He is aged 50, married and studied at San Jose State University, West Valley College. He is a blogger and has written several books. He mostly tweets about technology and expresses his personal opinion.

3. Chris Brogan

Chris is a writer, does marketing consulting and speaks about social media marketing. He was awarded the Shorty Award for social media. He is American and is aged 45 years. He is the CEO of Owner Media Group and offers advice on enhancing business

4. Mari Smith

Mari blogs and offers thought leadership on social media. She is christened the ‘Queen of Facebook’ and has been a top social media influencer for a number of years. She also offers advice on marketing.


5. Brian Solis

Brian is a marketing analyst and writer. He speaks about social media marketing and has written several books on the same topic. He is aged 44 and is the principal at Altimeter Group. He was awarded the Shorty Industry Award for the best business to business.

6. Anna Handley

Anna does content marketing. She is an author and speaker too. She manages digital content to enhance the standing of companies and individuals. She is a Chief Content Officer at Marketing Profs and also writes for the Entrepreneur Magazine.

7. Jeff Bullas

Jeff is a social media marketer. He is the CEO of Jeffbullas.com Pty Ltd. He is Australian and studied at Avondale College. He is a marketing consultant and has written several best-selling books on social media, content and digital marketing. He was the winner of the Social Media Examiner – “Top 10 Social Media Blogs – 2013″

8. Glen Gilmore

He is the principal of Gilmore Business Network. He is a practising Attorney and social media advisor for Memphis-based Howell Marketing. He studied at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government. He has been named as being web- savvy and a man of action by TIME Magazine and Memphis Daily News.

9.Warren Whitlock

Warren is a growth advocate and does content marketing. He attended Brigham Young University and works with Carbon Digits. He advises clients on ways to take advantage of digital media and online opportunities. He helps companies to craft a social media existence.

10. Seth Godlin

Seth is an American aged 54. He is an author, public speaker, entrepreneur and marketer. He went to Stanford Graduate School of Business, Tufts University. He is married and was nominated for the Good reads Choice Awards Best Nonfiction.

These names appear in other lists but not in the same order. There is a ranking by Stat Social’s report and General Sentiment’s list on which these names appear as the top influencers. The list ranks mostly based on Twitter and Facebook.

Influencers tend to have the power to reach a great number but not necessarily influence actions. Only identifiable audience are measured when determining influence. There have been limitations on determining the criterion for ranking i.e. who should rank and which social media platform to consider.

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